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Believe in Your Gifts Always

The other day, I was prompted to put the title of this article up as my Facebook status. It didn’t garner tons of likes and it only received a few comments. But that is not why I was inspired. Normally, I like to see the individual names of the people who took the time to…

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How Do I Get My Confidence Back Now That Doubt Owns Me?

Holy Crap!! Where Did My Confidence Go And How Do I Get It Back? By Annie Berryhill Here is the definition from Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, reliability of a person or thing, belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; This has been a top-of-mind topic as I think about my upcoming…

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Not Perfect, and Loving It!

Not Perfect, and Loving It! by Annie Berryhill It was a great weekend, but not because I came home with some hardware from a competition. Because of that competition, I really figured out how imperfect I am, and how the pursuit of perfection for most of my life has been a waste. Come on, you…

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