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Why Genetically Modified Food (GMO) is not Clean

By Annie Berryhill (Featuring Dr. Supna Alis) ¬†As Crossfit athletes, Primal nutrition followers and Paleo eaters our diet comprises as much thought and maybe more effort than the workouts themselves. If you are not familiar with Paleo Eating and Living, this is a good intro. In pursuit of being “clean” we take out processed food…

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Paleo Eating – Which Toxic Cookware to Avoid When Eating Clean

By Anne (Annie) Berryhill Whether you eat Paleo, Primal or another non-specific clean eating program, it all contributes to making the body function and look better. But too often when we prepare food in cookware, it is the kind that actually adds toxic components to our food. In the end, that sets us a bit…

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The Simple Secret to Getting Leaner

In recent days, under the direction of my coach, I made some pretty significant changes to my already fairly clean Paleo-type of diet. Best lean diet. Eat fat to lose fat.   Now I am not a microbiologist, biochemist, super-institutionally-educated brainiac. I am just a gal who loves to read. And to use her body…

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