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How to Make your own Crossfit Workout Equipment

Crossfit is sweeping the World, no doubt! There are competitions and affiliates popping up everywhere! There are even prime time Crossfit commercials showing during major sporting events.

But so many people don’t have the means to make it to the gym or the funds to join. But never fear, you can do more than body weight movements with just a few extra pieces of equipment that you can make with just a visit to a hardware store, auto mechanic or sports resale store.

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Seriously?…Another Article about 2012 Goal Setting?

Seriously? Another Article about 1012 Goal Setting? By Annie Berryhill ****************************************************** Its the special time between the buying holiday and the goal setting holiday. Yay! or maybe not…..   In the last few days, my email box has been flooded with emails about setting goals for 2012. On one level, it motivates me but on…

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For the Ladies: What Does it Mean to be Crossfit Strong?

By Annie Berryhill Recently, I read a blog about being Crossfit strong. It was written by Freddy Camacho with contributions from Chyna Cho. Read the Dec 18th, 2011 article here. He was discussing what it meant to be Powerlifting strong vs. being Crossfit strong. At the very end of the post, he added some weightlifting…

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How’s Your Coach Treating You?

The reasons that people hire or choose to work with coaches vary but usually include things like Goal Setting, Accountability, Education and Learning, Motivation, Direction, Skill Development and Action Planning. If you are a Crossfit athlete, a business owner or a professional athlete, it’s pretty likely that you have regular interactions with a coach. Those…

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Paleo Eating – Which Toxic Cookware to Avoid When Eating Clean

By Anne (Annie) Berryhill Whether you eat Paleo, Primal or another non-specific clean eating program, it all contributes to making the body function and look better. But too often when we prepare food in cookware, it is the kind that actually adds toxic components to our food. In the end, that sets us a bit…

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