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How to Make your own Crossfit Workout Equipment

Crossfit is sweeping the World, no doubt! There are competitions and affiliates popping up everywhere! There are even prime time Crossfit commercials showing during major sporting events.

But so many people don’t have the means to make it to the gym or the funds to join. But never fear, you can do more than body weight movements with just a few extra pieces of equipment that you can make with just a visit to a hardware store, auto mechanic or sports resale store.

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For the Ladies: What Does it Mean to be Crossfit Strong?

By Annie Berryhill Recently, I read a blog about being Crossfit strong. It was written by Freddy Camacho with contributions from Chyna Cho. Read the Dec 18th, 2011 article here. He was discussing what it meant to be Powerlifting strong vs. being Crossfit strong. At the very end of the post, he added some weightlifting…

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10 Tips for Staying Lean and Strong during the Holidays

One of the hardest times to stay lean and strong is during the time frame from Halloween through New Years. So even though we can get so busy with preparations, shopping, parties and celebrations, and we find ourselves putting our clean eating and fitness program on hold, it’s important to have a strategy to keep…

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Why Genetically Modified Food (GMO) is not Clean

By Annie Berryhill (Featuring Dr. Supna Alis)  As Crossfit athletes, Primal nutrition followers and Paleo eaters our diet comprises as much thought and maybe more effort than the workouts themselves. If you are not familiar with Paleo Eating and Living, this is a good intro. In pursuit of being “clean” we take out processed food…

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Crossfit Training Workouts and Injuries…What to do if it Happens to You!

Crossfit Training Workouts and Injuries -What to do if it Happens to You!   It’s pretty inevitable..getting injured in Crossfit training workouts. Its not always all Crossfit’s fault. We are humans performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. Sometimes, this stuff  ( movement standards, focus, grip) just gets away from us. Personally, I have…

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