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Thank a Vet Today-Crossfit Style

Thank A Vet today-Crossfit Style By Annie Berryhill This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, a day that was originally created to remember the soldiers we lost in the Civil War, but has been expanded over the years to include ALL Soldiers,Sailors and Marines that we have lost and that have served at any time. In…

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How Do I Get My Confidence Back Now That Doubt Owns Me?

Holy Crap!! Where Did My Confidence Go And How Do I Get It Back? By Annie Berryhill Here is the definition from Full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, reliability of a person or thing, belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; This has been a top-of-mind topic as I think about my upcoming…

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Not Perfect, and Loving It!

Not Perfect, and Loving It! by Annie Berryhill It was a great weekend, but not because I came home with some hardware from a competition. Because of that competition, I really figured out how imperfect I am, and how the pursuit of perfection for most of my life has been a waste. Come on, you…

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