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[Show #7]-How to Combat Hidden Toxins that Can Hinder Health with Guest Sally Cameron

On this week’s show, I spend some time chatting with Professional Chef, Recipe Designer and Health Advocate, Sally Cameron.

This was a fast-paced, informative and fun episode where we tackle health topics like:

  • Foods: “Dirty Dozen” & “The Clean 15” and how to know which type of produce is safe to eat and which are not,
  • The risks of living in a toxic world and what you can do to protect yourself using proper foods
  • What Sally learned about Ketogenic Diets from contributing to the New York Times, Bestseller book, Eat Fat, Get Thin with Dr. Mark Hyman
  • What type of tests you MUST do in order to accurately assess the toxic load in your body.
  • The most common thing that people overlook doing when they are looking to detox their bodies
  • The one thing she does at least every day to help her body heal and combat the effects of toxins in HER life

Sally is absolutely obsessed with removing toxins from her life and from her body and teaching other people the practical steps to doing that in their own lives!

She’s become an expert in juicing and interventions to help reduce the toxic load in our bodies so that we can live longer and healthier too. If you listen in regularly to the show, you already know that my guests always seem to be ridiculously excited about what they do, and Sally fits that mold as well.

I know you are really going to enjoy the information she has to share about ketogenic diets, hydration, juicing for detox and health, tools she uses, which foods do the best job in helping your body clean up from the inside out and much more.

As you’ll learn by listening to this show, Sally has so much experience with developing healthy recipes as well as preparing what she designs.

She really is a warrior for detox living and has some incredible tips for helping you if you are struggling from the effects of a toxic load or if you just want to make sure you are doing all you can do to help your body become stronger and more resilient from the inside, out.

Resources mentioned on the show:

Eat Fat, Get Thin by Dr. Mark Hyman
The Daniel Plan, Saddleback Church
Dr. Joseph Pizzorno
PLU codes
Tribest Greenstar Elite Juicer-

*Sally has a GREAT offer for listeners who want to order one of the juicers she talks about on the show.
Contact her directly here:

Sally’s Info:


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