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In this episode of The Bold, Brave and Sassy Show, Annie talks with Dr. Judy Bauer, founder of The Father’s Family Business, about how to mine the gold that’s inside of you and me—gold that ultimately sets us free to be all that God created us to be.

Dr. Judy Bauer is the author of several books, and founder and President of The Father’s Family Business.  She and her ministries have a prolific online presence that focus on helping Christians grow, thrive and come alive.

Her love for God, Christians, non-Christians and church leadership has given her a unique perspective and skills serving all aspects of a believers life.  As a wife, mother, grandmother, spiritual mom and mentor to many, Judy is known, loved and respected by believers and Christian leaders as a Christian Life Strategist.

What you’ll learn in this episode of the Bold, Brave and Sassy Show

  • What “Sassy” looks like at 70 years of age.
    That’s right!  Dr. Bauer is 70 years young and doesn’t look a day over 50.  She’s accumulated quite a storehouse of wisdom that she readily shares with us over the entire episode.
  • The top 3 three things that keep you stuck.
    Find out what overshadows our ability to be bold and sassy in the moment and what holds us back from being fully alive.
  • Practical tips for overcoming past traumas.
    By practical, I mean tips that you can do TODAY.  Overcome past hurts caused by people or situations you’ve encountered but desire to move beyond.
  • Encouragement to move beyond “doing what you got” and into “doing what I want”.
    Get yourself out of default mode!  Changing your patterns will help you rise above and take control.

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