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Transformation: The Vehicle For Moving Into Your Full Potential

We all desire transformation for ourselves.  But how do we move into it? Learn how to SASS your way through a transformation in order to discover your full potential.

We all love a good transformation story.  

This is evidenced in the popularity of shows like My 600-lb Life and Hoarders which take us through the inspiring transformation process.  We enjoy watching the struggles, obstacles, and failures endured by these individuals on their journey to overcoming.  We recognize the desire for change as well as the difficulties that keep us where we are.

Is your current life situation different from where you ultimately want to be?  Maybe there’s a transformation that you desire?  

You might be wondering how you can conjure this kind of life shift.

The SASS Formula For Transformation

Let’s take a look at the SASS formula if you aren’t already familiar with it.  The SASS formula is a way forward into the transformation that you’re seeking.

S |  Look around and SEE what’s going on. When you take an honest look at where you are, it takes boldness and courage. While seeing the truth about ourselves can sometimes be hard and painful, it’s a necessary part of the journey.

A |  ACCEPT where you are.  Don’t make any judgments.  Simply accept where you’re at, and who you are in this moment.

S |  STRATEGIZE your way to transformation.  What practical steps can you consistently take to get you to where you want to be?

S |  Just START.  Once you begin to make the change, the momentum will grow.

What You Should Consider Before You Begin

There are three questions to consider before you start your transformation journey.

1 |  Are you clear about what the transformation you’re aiming for looks like?

2 |  Do you have a plan for making it happen?

3 |  Are you committed to the plan?

How To Get Past The Roadblocks To Transformation

We all struggle to make change.  Sometimes getting out of those old patterns takes commitment and re-commitment.  If you’ve come up against a roadblock in your transformation journey, consider the following:

  • Have you taken the time to consider what might be holding you back?
  • Have you made a contingency plan for when you get tripped up?
  • Have you determined what the cost of transformation will be for you, and are you ready to pay the price? (If your answer is NO—congratulations on being real with yourself!  But please, read on…)

If you’re not able or willing to pay the price of transformation, that’s OK.  Hold that transformation vision out in front of yourself. Think about it. Feel the tension.  Feel the tension between where you are now and where you want to be. When you’re ready—let that tension move you forward.

The Benefits To Working Towards Transformation

Pursuing transformation in ourselves is so important.  It allows us to let go of the things that we think and feel are normal, but actually are not.  It exposes lies, repetitive thoughts, habits, and beliefs that other people have placed on our shoulders.  It opens our eyes to the destructive things around us that we accept either haphazardly or unknowingly.

When you pursue transformation, you discover the potential that resides in you.

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