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Not everyone who wants to quit alcohol, or any vice for that matter, has an addiction. In fact, it’s my experience that there are many more people¬† who are in the HABIT of drinking as a way to cope, avoid or comfort themselves than we realize.

Maybe you are one of them.

I know

that I was.

In this episode, I share my personal experience of why and how I was able to “accidentally” break-up with alcohol easily and for the long haul (40 days short of a year as of this post) and how you can apply the things I did to break- up with any bad habit or vice that you have struggled to stop controlling you in some way.

From my experience, quitting alcohol, literally overnight required a few key actions:
1- Decide: It was in my mind and I took the active step of DECIDING that I would not longer allow alcohol to be an influence in my life.

2-Dismissal- I was so angry, I literally KICKED the spirit of alcohol out of my life with emotion and determination. I WAS DONE WITH IT!

3. Insert a new habit or behavior,

4. Commit to it

5- Define your identity as one that is in alignment with the outcome or reality you want to be reality. Take actions that are consistent with that “I AM”¬† belief . ( i.e “I am a non-drinker”.)

I don’t know and can’t guarantee that making a specific change like this in your life will be this simple or easy.

But I do know that we are NOT powerless in the big changes we want to make, in fact we are FULL of power for making change and ultimately creating transformation in our lives. When we believe that and act as if it’s true, we can alter our course, and deprogram the old tapes that run in our heads.

Hopefully this has helped you in some little or small way to feel more empowered in your life.

Please share it with a friend or two who you know needs to hear it.

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