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In this show, I my guest, Alisa DiLorenzo gets into reality of sex in marriage and why if you’re not making it a priority, your marriage may be suffering.

Anyone who’s been married for a few years or more knows how tough it is to keep the passion burning when all of life’s tasks and duties EASILY get in the way of spending intimate time together.

Alisa speaks from her own experience of having an unsatisfying time in her 22 year marriage with her husband Tony, and shares stories that listeners of their show, One Extraordinary Marriage, have shared with them about what having regular (even scheduled) sex has done to restore their marriages.

You might just say that Alisa and Tony are the “married sex” experts online.

Our conversation stretches from working around the demands of kid and kid duties, to setting boundaries in order to insulate and protect your marriage, as well as giving you insight into the intense value of conveying what you want to experience physically and many, MANY more important perspectives about sex in marriage.

Even though in some circles, sex is a taboo topic, chatting with Alisa about it brings some clarity and ease around the topic, and we definitely have some fun and laughs along the way.

It’s a real and honest look into how marriages, even those experiencing disillusionment, detachment and disappointment can be resurrected by the simple and not-so-secret key of being regularly intimate with your spouse. Even if that means you’ve got to schedule it!

Even though it’s 2 women discussing the topic, both men and women will get a lot of value from the subject and encouraged to listen in.

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