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Erin Sanderson AKA Fit Rocker Chick is going to be your new girl crush. In addition to be a talented musician and vocalist, Thyroid Health Advocate and Social Influencer. This woman has got incredible style, talent and a deep heart for women who struggle with the challenges of living with Hypothyroidism.

Why? Because she’s lived with it too and knows the incredible roller coaster ride of emotions and physical body changes that go with it.

Our conversation in this weeks show includes stories from both of our journeys living with it as well as strategies and tactics for dealing with it, no matter how long (or recently) you’ve been dealing with it.

Erin has spent a ton of time digging into the science and using herself as a lab rat to go beyond the usual way that the medical community treats and supports women who suffer.

Through the conversation, you’ll hear more about her amazing attitude and how she’s been able to turn a devastating diagnosis into a blessing in your own life and the lives of so many women that she’s coached, counseled and encouraged.

Erin is super was super informative and shared some of her tips and secrets for navigating the ins and outs, ups and downs of surviving and living a full happy life where low thyroid isn’t dictating any of it. There’s so much hope and information, you’re going to love it!

You will love hearing from her, and I definitely recommend you look her up on social media under @FitRockerChick

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