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If you live on Planet Earth, the struggle with anxiety and/or depression is a real possibility. My guest this week is an expert in the field of Neuro-Psychology..which combines the best of psychiatry and neurology and psychology. Simply described, they study brain behavior relationships to be able to arrive at a conclusion of what the root of the problem is and then determine what the appropriate course of treatment.

Through her studies, her work with patients and her own personal journey through depression, she’s learned that while those disorders can materialize as mental or physical challenges, we’ve overlooked the fact that they can also, and very often are rooted in spiritual battles.

She documented her own journey through the struggles of depression in her book, Hope Prevails. Ironically (maybe not ironically if you already understand spiritual warfare), as soon as she decided to write the book, she herself experienced a fresh wave of depression that she had to fight through in order to complete the book.

What we all need to realize is that the challenges with our mental health is as much of a spiritual battle as a it is a psychological challenge. But God knew it would happen, and as is His manner, he also provided a solution, and a way out. He gives us the free will to use those strategies and tools, or not…and with that the consequences of each choice- because He is a gentleman.

This episode is  empowering and at times intense, raw and real. I hope that it blesses you and helps you to not feel alone in this common struggle, and gives you some practical tips to overcome and move to more and more freedom! Enjoy!

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