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My guest this week is Nicole Gebhardt. She shares the story of how she moved from a 9-5 career, to starting a business from scratch and eventually moving into being a book publisher and coach. (It doesn’t always matter where you start!)

She’s got some great lessons for anyone who wants to go out on a limb and share the deep desires of their hearts with the world, especially writing a book or other creative endeavors.

But don’t skip over this episode just because writing a book is not on your radar!

What she shares about The Courage Game and how to win it, and why it’s the key to success in ANYTHING that we want to accomplish is applicable to anyone who is ready to expand and fly to new places.

Tune into this lively, encouraging, empowering conversation between us, and tap into some great reminders about who you REALLY are, and why you are already qualified to live out your dreams.

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