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You would never suspect that my guest, Felicia Slattery nearly had her vocation and passion taken away because of cancer.

She has such a positive attitude, and no doubt it helped her to defeat the lung cancer that could have stolen her professional and personal speaking voice which for a while, it did…with no promise it would return. During those uncertain days, she had to find new strength and much of that she’d readily credit to her faith in and relationship with God.

Hear from this amazing author, college professor, entrepreneur and executive coach about the lessons she learned from this sudden and unexpected diagnosis (no, she wasn’t a smoker, or had any of the other common environments that usually cause it), and how it deepened her already strong faith and gave her new perspective on life.

Some of the lessons Felicia shared with me during our time together that I believe you can also learn from:

  • Don’t bail out on the dreams that God has given you, even if it seems the reality of them isn’t coming true. He is faithful. Even if your dream isn’t coming true, He has something else for you to do with your life.
  • The importance of recognizing and using your Spiritual Gifts for His purposes as well as your own.
  • Why spending too much time trying to strengthen your weaknesses is a waste of time, and why building on your strengths is so much better
  • How spending the first moments of every day with God has been a game changer for her faith and her life, and what she idea God gave her to create as a resource for herself and others to do that effectively.

and so many more hidden gems along the way. You’ll just have to tune it to hear it all!

Check out a little taste of the episode here:

Felicia is brilliant, warm and so in love with God, I know that you will be blessed by hearing about her journey and her passions. Connect to her on social and grab her books via the links provided.

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Spiritual Gifts Assessment (requires registration)



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How Did you Get Started (new release)

Shae Bynes Book

Grace over Grind

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