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As humans, we fancy ourselves as “the masters of our own fate”, and while we can take action that influences outcomes, it takes a ton more energy and effort than the ease of pace that God designed for us to live. In this show, I chat with author and entrepreneur, Shae Bynes. We talk about the sneaky trap that we can get caught in…the one where we are grinding out accomplishments and tasks as opposed to being connected to Him, surrendering to Him and following his leading.

Does that sound foreign and strange to you? It does for many people and admittedly, I go in and out of being in total trust and sliding back into taking back the reigns then getting caught up in my agendas and timelines on a regular basis.

This very lively, fun yet deep conversation hopefully will remind you that the things that God wants you to do with your life have nothing to do with accomplishment as humans define it. He wants us, our hearts, our attention and he wants to bless us in our own special way for His reasons and purposes.

Some of the specific topics we tackle in this show are:

  • Walking out the idea of Grace over Grind in our lives.
  • Why living life with a “child-like” faith is one of the keys to peace in life and simplicity, with exuberance and trust.
  •  Why looking smack in the face of our “worst-case scenario fears” often frees us from false fears and out-of-proportion worries.
    “What’s the worst thing that could happen? But did you DIE?”
  • Why walking on water requires that you keep your eyes above the water, not focused on the danger below the surface or your risk sinking into the darkness.
  • Taking risks and starting new things is less scary when we partner with God and allow Him to light our path and fill us with supernatural creativity.

And as usual, so much more than I could ever write about because listening to it will get you fired up and excited about going after your dreams and goals. To help remind you that God is by your side, He’s already made a way for you and is delighted when you include Him in your plans every step of the way.

Connect to Shae

Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, teacher and mentor on a mission to help people experience God’s best in their business and family lives. She is Founder and Chief Fire Igniter of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, an organization that inspires, teaches, and mentors Christian entrepreneurs to partner with God and have a greater Kingdom impact through the work they do in the marketplace.

Her devotionals on the You Version digital bible app have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Look for her plans titled:

Good Ideas vs. God Ideas in Business
Kingdom Entrepreneur Insights: The Book of Proverbs
Kingdom Entrepreneur Insights: The Book of James
Grace Over Grind

Demonstrating God’s Love in Business
Demonstrating God’s Presence in Business
Doing Business God’s Way: Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
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