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My guest this week, Kellie Frazier, could have easily stayed behind the scenes in her introverted personality as she’d always done. But God had other plans for her.

After a Traumatic Brain Injury and months of recovery and lost abilities and time, Kellie emerged as a different person in personality, confidence and in a crazy turn of events that only God could orchestrate, was given a new and unexpected career in writing and coaching.

On this week’s show, we get into some really deep and extremely powerful stories about how God has shown up and given us both direction in our recent lives.

From my experience of getting free of alcohol to Kellie’s recovery of her brain and her marriage, God has really shown up in both or our lives in crazy amazing ways which we share on in this show.

Some of the amazing lessons we discuss on this show are:

♥ How to become willing to be used when prompted, even if the full instructions are not clear.

♥ How to take charge of fear when it knocks on your door and wants to take up residence in your heart and mind.

♥ What it means to “change your dirty diaper” in your life

♥ Why supernatural experiences are real and not just for fiction and fantasy books and movies, and how to be tuned in to them for growing your relationship to our Poppa, God.

♥ What God has prepared for you to experience through walking closely with Him

♥ Why you’re likely misusing the power of words in your life and it’s part of why you are not experiencing life like you want to be

♥ How to break the habit of being stubborn to change, especially the ones that will positively change your life

This is a very powerful and at times very intensely spiritual show. God is so present with us, I hope that you can sense Him in our conversation.
It’s an amazing conversation and honestly, we both got pretty lost in it as we chatted about our awesome experiences walking through life with God at our sides. I hope it radically blesses you as it did for us!

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