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To All my lady-friends-

This show’s topic is primarily directed toward you and no we are not talking sex or periods…something much more important that impacts EVERY day of your life in every way!

I know, I know….but don’t get your panties all in a bunch, it’s good stuff I think you’re going to want to hear.

You know how women, in GENERAL, talk more than men, right? Well, that propensity for being chatty means we have more opportunities to potentially get ourselves in trouble AND set us on a course that makes us feel WORSE about ourselves not better.

On this show, it’s just me. No guests, no fluff. It’s just me talking about the sharpest tool we possess and how it has the power to build and the power to destroy.

From my own life I know I have a fair amount of regret over things I said that I wish I hadn’t and things I wished I had the courage or the words to say even though it was tough to do.

I bet you can list some examples of this from your own life.

It’s exactly what I go into in this episode- stories, tips, course correction techniques and encouragement that will help you change your ways if you’re in TOO much of a habit of letting that tongue of yours inflict damage on yourself or others. OR of course, if you have spent a lifetime holding back and NOT speaking the things that need to be said.

This show is a quick one, a mear 19 mins, but it’s power packed with helpful realizations and insights I’ve learned along my journey to becoming a better, bolder, braver, sassier human!

Be sure and tune in to hear it all, share the show with friends, download, subscribe (never miss an episode) and REVIEW! If you’re liking or LOVING the show, please post a review on iTunes…it helps the show get in front of more people!


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