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My guest Melanie Greenough can be described in one way, a powerhouse survivor-thriver. This is one of my meatiest shows EVER!

From a middle-class, abuse-riddled upbringing, including tons of destructive behaviors as a young age, to 3 life-threatening accidents in 2 years, there are many reasons that Melanie should not be alive, much less being a business and thought leader. Through all of that struggle, she knew that God was present and preserving her for more than the predators and situations surrounding her on all sides had planned for her life.

When you listen like I did to her story, you are going to be blown away at how much she’s actually endured and what she put HERSELF through all based on a false belief in her identity (no worth, it’s all her fault, etc.). She definitely has encountered and endured more pain and suffering than most people I’ve ever met. I found myself thinking how small my struggles were in light of hers. Which of course is inspiring because of what Melanie has DETERMINED to make her life in spite of so many things being against her.

It is fascinating to listen to Melanie speak because she is extremely intelligent, highly driven and deeply committed to helping other people out of their own pits of despair, disappointment, and struggle.

Recovering from loss and bad choices put her back so far against the wall that out of that emerged this determined woman who decided that no one was ever going to be in control of her life again, she would be in charge of building an empire to sustain herself and her daughter no matter what.

On this show, we talk about the mindsets and actions needed to:

  • Move on beyond your past experiences and decisions that led you to undesirable outcomes;
  • Decide to believe your true identity and how doing that will add to the quality of your life and making your goals a reality;
  • What happens in our lives when we live from fear driving our decision-making vs. confidence being the force behind what we choose to do
  • Where forgiveness fits into having current and future success in every area of life and when you should start doing that process.
  • What KPI is and how you can use that outline to get healthier, wealthier and experience growth that matches your dreams.

And so many more hidden gems that are sure to leave you feeling inspired but EMPOWERED to decide it’s time to overcome your obstacles and move onto a life you love!

Melanie also shared so many practical tips for succeeding, here are 7 of the tips and steps to living a freer life after trauma:

1. How when we take action towards the things that we want, it’s the actual action that helps us to believe for more.

2. Sometimes the worst destruction we do as humans is that we cover that pain up with bad dialogue, meaning we talk to ourselves so poorly that nothing anyone else could do can hurt us.

3. You can truly have that and it’s through the power of love that that’s restored, right, but loving yourself, right? Loving others, letting you know. For me, it’s God knowing that God is love and that everything is perfect just as it’s supposed to be and so it can be restored.

4. Releasing the fear. Here’s the thing, like you can be a tennis ball or you can be an egg. Those are your choices. You have the choice. Every day, life is going to hit you. It’s going to hit you hard. It’s going to knock you down and it’s going to put you flat on your face.

5. Your choice is are you going to break and Splat like an egg? When it gets dropped, you’re going to bounce back like a tennis ball, and those that win are the ones that bounce back and sometimes a bounce back as longer than others

6. When you forgive yourself, you release yourself from the fear and listened to me. Fear is your enemy. Fear inside your head will literally dictate the choices you make, the success that you have, how far you go, all of it. And when you make your decisions based on a fear, all you do is bring more fear.

7. God created us to be connected to each other, it comes down from him. He’s a CEO. And gives us each, our mandate in each of our jobs and when we do our particular thing, whether it’s our gifts, our talents, our strengths are just innate ways of being. And we use that for the betterment. We are bettered because everyone’s playing up, everyone’s walking with less fear, walking in more of the God-given power and design.

There is SO much more to hear on the show, and listening to Melanie speak will really get you fired up and ready to overcome the challenges in your mind, body, and spirit that have kept you stuck for far too long! You can get free!


Be well and Be Blessed!

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