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Part 1

Because this episodes’ guest, Kim Garst is so knowledgeable and generous, her interview is coming to you in 2 parts. There is just too much great info, content, and encouragement to stuff into one 30 min show!

Just a little about Kim, she is is a big-time social media influencer, speaker, and trainer. She was named one of the Top 10 social media influencers. Check out these stats:

600k followers on Twitter, she’s posted over 300K tweets since 2009

399K Followers on Facebook

67K IG followers

Yet Kim is very humble and likely wouldn’t tell you these stats, and I only share it to give you some reference to the breadth of her influence, so you really can understand how much of an expert she is.


What you’ll learn in this show is not limited to social media info, because Kim is a huge proponent of being AUTHENTIC on social media. Be who you are, and don’t worry about the fact that someone might agree, like or follow you.


Some highlights from Part 1:


  • Every social platform is constantly changing, and not even Kim can keep up with all the changes. You are officially the hook for being on top of everything.


  • Each of us can impact someone else, even if we don’t think we do. Hiding your own light does a disservice to the world, let it shine!


  • Social media is training people to share only the pretty and not the vulnerable, realness of themselves. While you don’t have to share EVERYTHING, the greatest influence you will have is being authentic.


  • Showing up as a “real person” on social media endears and connects you to the group of people who need to hear from you, and you don’t have to be in business or promoting anything to make a difference. The people who are influencing others in the greatest way are those who are the most real online.


  • “We’re not here to, um, to be loved by all. We’re here to make an impact or a difference for those that we’re, that we can connect to, that we do have a message for or that we can make a difference for the rest you, it’s not that you can’t love them up, but like I say, they’re not your peeps.”


  • Never apologize for being you!


This episode has so much more and simply requires a listen! Be sure to tune in using your favorite listening app and share with others.

I hope you enjoy the show, this was super fun, but with depth and valuable information.

Stay tuned, Part 2 is coming next week and has more in-depth info about social media platforms and Kim’s preferences, predictions and advice on using each of the big 3, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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