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In this episode, my guest, Coco Graham and I discuss our parallel life journeys as we’ve both navigated our way from pursuing success as society defines it, to a life of significance. Coco’s shares some incredible insights and the steps she used to make her way from a challenging childhood that created a need in her to do, accomplish and earn more and more as a way to prove her worth and value to herself and the world.

As she found that pursuit to be empty and unfulfilling, Coco was forced to dig deep and discover what really mattered in the eternal perspective of life.

Tune into to be encouraged and inspired to get off the performance path, and instead learn how to live in more freedom by honoring who God made you to be and how He accepts, loves and enjoys who you are already.

If you’re ready for gain freedom from the pressures of what the world says you should be, be sure to tune into this episode to be encouraged with real-life advice from 2 women who’ve figured out exactly how to do it through years of struggle, failing and finally cracking the code.

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