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Big goals and passionate dreams are commonplace…sadly, for many people they remain dreams and never become a reality.

It’s not about deserving or not wanting those things bad enough, sometimes the hang up is a lack of clarity and planning.

In this episode, I share the step-by-step formula that from my book, Breakthrough to Freedom, The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Life You Love, ON PURPOSE.

Think of the path to dream attainment like going on a trip.

  1. You have to have an idea where you’re going, why and what’s waiting for you there,
  2. You have to understand the stuff you have and what you need to bring on the trip,
  3. You need a map and a plan,
  4. and finally, you need to actually GO.

The formula I refer to in this training is F.R.E.E.D.O.M, and I go into all the details and take you through the steps on the show.

Here’s a copy of the worksheet I mentioned on the show:

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Resources mentioned on this show:

DISC Assessment

Breakthrough to Freedom Book

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