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This week’s show is jam-packed with so much inspiration, it’s just crazy. This is truly one Bold, Brave and Sassy young woman. and I am thrilled to share our conversation with you.

On this show, my guest, Jereshia Hawk shares how even though she didn’t have the textbook upbringing, God has taken her on a path that has maximized her gifts, exploded her business and brought her into a closer relationship with Him.

This 27-year-old business powerhouse, numbers wizard is carving out a niche in the business world and while never shying away from sharing that for her, it’s God at the center of all of her plans and strategies.

While she easily could have fallen into a victim mentality mindset, Jereshia has simply focused on going after the dreams that God place in her heart, and doing it with confidence and faith.

Some of the highlights from what we talk about together on this show:

  • Jereshia’s realization early on that the pain points she encountered in her life that they were really just stepping stones to better things and personal growth.
  • How growing up in a religious home never felt right, and it wasn’t until she was starting working from a relationship with God that everything changed starting from her heart to her outward life. How that alone provided a father figure that she’d missed out on in her life and restored some important things within her.
  • What happened when she stopped leaving her faith OUT of her business and started letting it flow in her conversations, and the amazingly positive response she received from her followers and students.
  • The benefits of being authentic in how you show up in ALL ways whether professionally or in regular life
  • Switching your mindset and total attention from following the “vanity metrics” of like, followers and conversions and getting back to thinking in terms of the number of real lives that are being positively impacted by what you do. That getting paid isn’t a bad thing and that Christians shouldn’t feel unworthy or bad about making money for their work and impact.
  • How having more money entrusted to you simply means you have the means to affect more things and people, faster than if you had less.
  • The incredible benefits of using Facebook (the right way) and a surprising non-business gift she received from using the platform.

And even more than I could list here. But you get the drift. She’s a rockstar and had NOTHING handed to her and to me, that is inspiring. I hope you will enjoy my time with her as much as I did!

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