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[Show #24] The Blessing in the Burden of Living with Hypothyroidism w/ Erin Sanderson aka Fit Rocker Chick

Erin Sanderson AKA Fit Rocker Chick is going to be your new girl crush. In addition to be ...
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[Show #23] Learning to use the Courage Game as a Success Tool in Life w/Nicole Gebhardt

My guest this week is Nicole Gebhardt. She shares the story of how she moved from a 9-5 ...
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[Show #22] How to Stay Strong and Live Your God-Given Strengths w/ Felicia Slattery

You would never suspect that my guest, Felicia Slattery nearly had her vocation and passion taken away because ...
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[Show #21] Being Healthy Doesn’t Need to Be Hard w/Jessica Vaughn

In this week's episode, I chat with my friend Jessica Vaughn who is an author, speaker, fitness and ...
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[Show #20] Why You’re Stuck and How to Get Free

Have you ever noticed that when you have become disgusted with the way things are going in your ...
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[Show #19] Living from Grace and Leaving the Grind Behind w/ Shae Bynes

As humans, we fancy ourselves as "the masters of our own fate", and while we can take action ...
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