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[Show #30] My Break-Up with Booze: Lessons I Learned about Myself, Others, Other People & Our Amazing Power to Transform in the Year since Becoming A Non-Drinker

Listen to the show here: [smart_track_player url="" ]     Not everyone who wants to quit alcohol, or ...
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[Show #29] Understanding & Maximizing the Influence of A Woman w/ Katie Walker

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE My guest for this show is Katie Walker, author, actress, mom of 4 ...
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[Show #28] Prioritizing Sex for a Healthier Marriage w/ Alisa Dilorenzo

Listen to this week's episode here: [smart_track_player url="" ]   This week, I my guest, Alisa DiLorenzo gets ...
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[Show #27] Helping Hurting Hearts Heal w/Dr. Barbara Lowe

Access the show audio here: [smart_track_player url="" ]   One of the biggest barriers to true internal and ...
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[Show #26] Raising Your Fiscal and Physical Health IQ w/ Beau Henderson

Listen to the show here: [smart_track_player url="" ] For the first time ever, I've interviewed a "sassy" male ...
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[Show #25] God’s Keys for Defeating Anxiety & Depression with Neuropsychologist Dr. Michelle Bengtson

[smart_track_player url="" ]   SHOW NOTES If you live on Planet Earth, the struggle with anxiety and/or depression ...
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