Track and Journal

Quick, write down what you had for dinner 7 days ago?

Could you do it?

Bet you couldn’t, but don’t worry, most people can’t do it either.

The point here is that as much as it can be a pain in the behind, tracking what you put in your mouth has the power to make or break your nutrition efforts.

Fortunately, tracking is as easy and opening an app on your smartphone.

Do a quick search for “Food Tracking App” or “Food Journal App” in your android or ios store and you’ll find a a bunch of free apps to help you track your food. You’ll never have to struggle to remember what you ate in any time frame AGAIN (so long as you remember to log it!)

One of my favorite apps is “MyFitnessPal” it’s free level let’s you enter some macro percentages and shows you your progress during the day. It also has a handy feature where you can scan a UPC code from a food and it will automatically populate “My Foods” in the application! It’s really powerful. Upgrading to a paid membership allows you more flexibility when you input your numbers too.

Keeping track of your food is a great way to see where you may be missing the mark and undermining your fat loss and health goals.

Definitely do it, even if you only use pen and paper! Set your memory free from the burden!


Hopefully this quick little article helps you to fully understand what I mean by PURGE YOUR KITCHEN….if you have questions, you know you can always ask me on my

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