Eat More Healthy Fat


It scares people.

We’ve been led astray for nearly 50 years over the issue of fat.

The truth is that it’s not the fat in food that is the dangerous part, it’s the SUGAR that actually causes the majority of issues.

Fat has always been a part of the human diet, but it’s been vilified for decades. It’s time you knew they truth and looked at adding fat back into your diet.

Be cautioned though, if you add more fat and you don’t change you daily carbs, you will end up gaining weight. So consider adding more nuts, nut butters, seeds, avocado, olives, olive and nut oils, coconut oil into your diet as you remove the processed and insulin-spiking carbs from your diet.

Fat helps your body to re-learn how to use fat for fuel, and keep you satiated (not hungry) for longer stretches.

So from this day on, you have my permission to add healthy fat to your daily diet as you remove and reduce the carbs in your diet.

Enjoy being off the blood sugar roller-coaster and getting HANGRY from time to time!

Love FAT- Lose Fat!


Hopefully this quick little article helps you to fully understand what I mean by PURGE YOUR KITCHEN….if you have questions, you know you can always ask me on my

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