Thank a Vet Today-Crossfit Style

Thank A Vet today-Crossfit Style

By Annie Berryhill

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, a day that was originally created to remember the soldiers we lost in the Civil War, but has been expanded over the years to include ALL Soldiers,Sailors and Marines that we have lost and that have served at any time.

In Crossfit, I have lost count of how many people I have met who have served our great country by sacrificing their a chunk of their lives or at minimum their personal freedoms for the protection of our nation. Even if I could name them all, I suspect most of them would be embarrassed by the attention. That is the humility and service mentality of our military. No doubt you have also trained alongside these unsung warriors too. Crossfit tends to attract people like this.

So on Memorial Day, I hope you spend the time to do something to remember.

Plant a flag, Hug a vet, sing the National Anthem, Crush a Crossfit Hero WOD, offer a Thank You to the family of a brave one who served and died for you and me. But please, don't let this just be another 3 Day weekend of partying and food, because without them, we would not be able to enjoy the benefits of a weekend like this.


As the Mom of a Marine, my view of Memorial Day has changed so much. Last year at this time, my ,machine gunner son was in Afghanistan on his first deployment. Our other son, a high school junior and I, participated in the Trevor Win'e Memorial Crossfit Challenge  here in Orange County which raises money to send cooling vests to our troops.

The ceremony was moving and to see the giant American Flags hanging from the ladders of the Fire Engines was enough to take your breath away. When the bagpipes started, so did the tears. I could only imagine how Trevor's parents felt as they gazed lovingly upon the enormous banner with Trevor's photo on it. He looks so handsome, so brave and so much like a hero.We will be there again this year helping in whatever way we can to help and work to provide vests for our troops!

Our son came home safely, but so many others did not. We will face another deployment this year, and God willing, He will bring our son back home safe and sound. We understand the risks and the potential sacrifice like so many military families before and after us.

(Photo-Our son Josh in Afghanistan summer 2010)


These brave men and women deserve our honor and attention. Please remember to take a moment, bow your head and say Thanks for everything they did, are doing and will do for our great country.

God Bless America today, tomorrow and always.


  1. Brandy on May 30, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Well said Anne. I am thankful for my Dad, Grandfather, and everyone who has served past and present. I am excited to participate in the  Trevor Win'e Memorial Crossfit Challenge  today to honor and remember.

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