Are You READY To Ditch Dieting and Learn to Create a Healthy, Lean Body for Life?

It's time to get off the weight gain and loss roller coaster, once and for all.

You'll be equipped to learn all about food, what and how to eat as well as new physical and mental habits that will keep you on track for the long haul.

It doesn't matter if you want to use a low carb, ketogenic, paleo or a custom approach, you won't do it alone,  you'll be guided and supported all along the way.

You can do this, It's YOUR time!

Meet Your Coach, Annie Berryhill

Your journey will be powered by Precision Nutrition's Pro Coach System with Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach, Annie Berryhill as your nutrition specialist, mentor and guide. 

Annie is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Strategist, Author, Speaker, and passionate Amateur Chef.

Learn More About What Coaching Can Do For You

What is Included?

  • A Full Year of Online Nutrition Coaching
  • Daily Lessons
  • 3-60 min Private Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Regular Progress Checks
  • Top-level Coaching and Accountability
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Live Coaching Webinars

A Look Inside the Program

What Makes This Program Different?

So Many Diets, So Little Progress

Chances are, you know exactly what NOT to eat and yet those foods seem to creep back into your life.

In this program, you are going to learn new habits, new ways of thinking and understand how to use food for it's true purpose- FUEL!

This is your final solution.

It's time to stop chasing fads and start to consistently  do what YOUR body needs to do be healthy, strong and fit!

No more hopping on a nutrition bandwagons and wasting time, money and sanity following a Get-Fit-Quick program.

Commit to the time it will take to rewire your mind and chemistry to create a body you love and supports the life you want!

New Habits to Replace the Crazy Ones

Frequent visits with your scale don't tell the real story of your progress. Neither does adherence to super-strict calories or macro counting.

Our philosophy is about making small changes that compound over time.

As modern day humans, we've lost connection to our own inner cues that can guide us to eating both the best amount and types of food to keep us fit and healthy.

Learning to undo all the crazy mindsets around weight loss are just another benefit of a program like this can offer.

The Missing Links- Systems and Support

With your history of diets and weight loss attempts, you've realized that you need structure and someone to help you through the challenges that always come.

It's all set up for you, ready to guide you, step-by-step to your goals.
Everyday for the length of your program commitment, you will receive any of the following- workshops, lessons, training,reminders, in depth and reflective questions  journey as well as frequent feedback and interaction with your coach.

All of this delivered to your email box DAILY!

This format will never let you forget you've committed to improving your health and body composition (or whatever your goals happen to be).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to commit to a year?

Simply Put...You don't have to do the whole thing if you don't feel as it suits you. 
It's a money-back guarantee. 

But remember, you read this far because you really want the results that everything else you've tried haven't stuck. Change takes time, both in your physical body and in your mind. That is why the program is designed to last a year. 

If you don't feel you can commit to a full year,  we offer 3 month commitment blocks at a slightly higher fee...but we suggest  committing to a minimum 6 months at least so you are really able to get a foothold on this new way of approaching food, eating and health.

I can't pay the full amount right now, how can I participate?

I totally get that this program is a big commitment both in your heart and mind but also in your wallet. That is why I have the monthly payment option. Look for that on the payment page. 

Whether you need to pay it at one time to be totally "IN" or can only do it by paying monthly, I want to make sure it's set up for you to participate. The money part is structure in 2 ways, 1- A Paid in Full option that will reflect a bit of a price break or 2- A monthly payment option to help if the total cost is too much for your budget at one time.

I have a lot of weight to lose, is this program for me?

Being overweight doesn't usually just happen, there are a host of reasons behind it. Whether it's an unhealthy relationship with food, or genetics or just bad habits that are proving hard to break, committing to getting healthy and dropping the extra weight is very important.

As with any program or process for progressing toward a goal, the only way it works is if YOU are willing to commit and work at the program. I will provide the tools, education, accountability and communication, but you are the one in the trenches doing the work.

The answer is yes, I can help you lose most if not all of that weight, but only if your commitment is as great or greater than mine is to your success (and I am pretty committed!).

With most processes, there are twists and turns and weight loss is rarely linear in it's progress. That is why slow and steady is your friend here, my goals and intentions are for all of my clients to "do it a bit better than yesterday"  rather than "all or nothing" thinking. It takes time to change old patterns, and that's what I hope to equip you to do in this program.


What if my goal is something other than weight loss, can I still join?

Goals and definitions of health are subjective and mean different things to different people. If you need to maintain weight but increase health or need to GAIN weight to improve your life these are things that can be done as well.

The framework applies to a wide variety of goals because it's not set lessons around a particular focus, but rather reinforcing the foundational ideas and actions that create lasting health.

If you are interested in joining but are unclear whether this program is appropriate for YOUR situation, feel free to email me at to set up a free 20 min strategy session. I'll send you my scheduling link and we can meet virtually to discuss your personal situation.

How much does it cost and what does it include?

All Programs Include

  • Online Nutrition Coaching (Delivered to your email box)
  • Daily Lessons
  • Monthly Workshops 
  • 3 hours of Scheduled Private Coaching Calls (Per 3 Month Program block)
  • Top-level Coaching and Accountability
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email and Messaging Support
  • Monthly Group Coaching Webinars


 Click Here for 3 Month Program Options

  • 1 Full Payment  $279 
  • 3 Payments of $99 

Click Here for to Enroll in 12 Month Program Options 

  • 1 Full Payment of $995 ($193 savings over monthly)
  • 12 Monthly Payments of $99

Referral Bonuses

We also offer a $100 credit back to you  (or 1 month free) when you refer a friend who joins too. *(referral bonus will be paid after the friend has paid for 6 months or enrolls at the $995 level.) 

There is a guarantee in place and you can read the terms and conditions HERE

What if I just want to buy some coaching time only? How does that work?

For some people, they just need a kickstart and periodic check ins. I've got a couple of different options for that.

1 Month of coaching with 4 weekly calls to discuss whatever you need to fine tune, learn, create strategy and check. $199

1 Month of 1 Coaching call plus unlimited email support- $99/month

Need a different solution? Email me at to discuss your personal coaching needs.